Kan Kanan Artificial Reef

Kan-Kanán is an environmental project never-seen before. It means to turn into the new habitat of thousands of sea species, and will protect the coast from natural erosion. Consisting of a mega project, we currently stand before a fascinatingly interesting solution to a strong problem: the deterioration of marine systems, product of climate changes.

Longer than the Brooklyn Bridge, "The Guardian of the Caribbean" will cover a 1.9-kilometer area parallel to the coast of Punta Brava. From above, this monumental reef looks like a huge serpent guarding the coast, giving birth to its name: Kan-Kanan, which means "The Guarding Serpent" in Mayan. This monumental artificial reef is made of 1,000 hollow pyramidal structures created on a concrete and micro silica base. These materials and structure make it an environmentally friendly construction that allows nutrients to attach, resulting in the regeneration of marine life.

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