Dear Staff Members,

As most of you know or have heard about the cessation of the services that we have been providing over the last 30 years to The Mark Travel Corporation and / or Funjet Vacations we want to officially inform you that this will happen from next June 13th.

We firmly believe that any apparent crisis always represents a great opportunity - and this one worked out better than we expected.

Our policy and commitment to you, our collaborators, remains intact: NO ONE should fear losing his job, since we have worked hard to protect the members of this great family and their source of income.

The response we have had from Travel Agents and other colleagues in the tourism industry, shows us that what has been done over the years was good sowing because we are reaping more fruits than imagined, not only by the Agents but also by Other Operators and Wholesalers that are contacting us to use our services in addition to the other 44 accounts that we continue to represent, as well as many more that are being added to our catalog of clients due to our recent focus on the national market.

Therefore, we only have to thank them for all their support and ask them to continue with the commitment that has characterized us as the best company for the last 38 years: to provide an impeccable service, attached to excellence in detail and with a deep love for Mexico Remember, we are your best ambassadors!

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